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  1. In the home fabrication business, the milled and dried lumber is converted into houses and buildings by carpenters who observe the drawings and specifications set forth by architects. Other fabrication types, similar to plastic, start the fabrication process by mixing chemical compounds to supply a liquid plastic that's injected into molds to create critical components and elements for meeting. From computer systems to aircraft, plastic best fins for freediving fabrication produces switches, handles and even chassis components to provide structural energy and integrity to broad array|a extensive selection|a huge selection} of machines and gadgets. Fabrication entails making a finished product from a combination of smaller elements, all coming together by the hands of an skilled fabricator. Nanofabrication methods for reaching dimensional management on the nanometer scale are generally equipment-intensive and time-consuming. Here we describe a fast and simple method for fabricating a single nanopore all the way down to} 2-nm in size with sub-nm precision, instantly in solution, by controlling dielectric breakdown on the nanoscale.