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Coronavirus status world wide

Coronavirus : Something's wrong ...! 🔹 Wuhan to Shanghai     = 629 km 🔹 Wuhan to Beijing        = 1052 km. 🔹 Wuhan to Mil...

  1. Coronavirus: Something's wrong ...!

  1. 🔹 Wuhan to Shanghai     = 629 km
  2. 🔹 Wuhan to Beijing        = 1052 km.
  3. 🔹 Wuhan to Milan          = 8700 km
  4. 🔹 Wuhan to New York   = 12000 km
  5. 🔹 Wuhan to Italy            = 8670 km
  6. 🔹 Wuhan to London       = 8880 km
  7. 🔹 Wuhan to Paris           = 8900 km
  8. 🔹 Wuhan to Spain          = 9830 km
  9. 🔹 Wuhan to India           = 3575 km
  10. 🔹 Wuhan to Iran             = 6560 km

 Coronavirus in Wuhan's nearby city of Beijing / Shanghai had no effect, but ...
 Death in Italy, Iran, Europe countries and ruining the world economy…!
 All business areas of China are safe…!

Something is wrong ?????
🔹 America is not only blaming China ...!

  •  We continued to play Hindustan - Pakistan, Hindu - Muslim, Nehru - Gandhi - Savarkar, Section - 370, CAA, Shaheen Bagh, Madhya Pradesh ?
  •  Fear of terror, America kept protecting us and kept selling weapons and.
  • On the other hand, China has worsened the economic situation of the whole world and today itself is sitting safely!
  • It says - far-sighted and long-held conspiracy to rule the world ...?
  • The virus from Wuhan reached the whole world but did not reach Beijing, Shanghai ...! Why ...?
  • Great people in the world have been corona, Hollywood - Star, Australia's Home Minister, Britain's Health - Minister, Spain's Prime Minister's wife and now Britain's Prince Charles also has Corona, but China Corona has not even touched a single leader, a single military - commander ...! Why ...?
  • Corona virus has ruined the economy worldwide, thousands have lost their lives, millions have been sick and countless people have been locked up in homes, locked down in many countries, In which India is also one!
  • Corona virus has originated from the city of Wuhan in China and now it has reached every corner of the world, but this virus has not reached the capital of China: Beijing and the economic-capital: Shanghai near Wuhan, why ...?
  •  Today Paris is closed, New York is closed, Berlin is closed, Rome is closed, Delhi is closed, Mumbai is closed, major economic and political centers of the world are closed, but Beijing and Shanghai are open, there Corona did not show any effect! Numerous cases came to light, but in a way, Corona had no effect on Beijing and Shanghai, why ...?
  • Beijing is the city where all the leaders of China live, military-leaders live here, those who run the power of China live here, there is no lock-down in Beijing! It is open! Corona has no effect here, why ...?
  • Shanghai is the city that runs China's economy, it is the economic capital of China, here all the rich people of China live! Those who keep the industry running, there is no lock-down here, corona here has no effect…! Why ...?
Now I will show you current ratio of coronavirus status worldwide 
Current status of coronavirus in India

If you all like to answer my question kindly comment below link of and answer my question.

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